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permanent carbon wrap

permanent carbon wrap - the only „durable certified“ composite pipeline repair world-wide

range of use for the new carbon pipeline repair method:

steel pipelines transporting all types of liquids or gases from 4“ (DN 100) upwards and medium temperature range from -40 to +80°C (higher temperatures on request)

to be repaired:

  • reduction of pipe wall down to 10% remaining wall thickness (internal corrosion growth must be monitored by intelligent pig)

  • buckles and dents (if remaining in the pipeline is attested by authorized expert)

  • laminations / linings (if remaining in the pipeline is attested by authorized expert)

  • crack like defects, if grinding out is possible (rehabilitation according to external defects)

  • increase of MAOP of individual pipes

  • welding defects


  • cost effective repair method

  • TÜV-Süd certified (EU-Deutschland)

   German VdTÜV- Merkblatt 1070 (5.2010), ASME PCC2:2008, DIN CEN ISO/TS 24817:2006

  • suitable for buried or above-ground pipelines

  • no shut down or emptying of pipeline necessary

  • only reduction of operating pressure during application

  • all necessary components and application equipment delivered in one single site package

  • no dangerous high temperature works necessary

  • simple application – no heavy device necessary

  • pcw - repair adapted to each specific defect

  • nearly no limits by environmental conditions

  • chemical resistance of all components

  • full pressure resistance after app.4 hours

  • 100 years life time - the only composite repair "forever" world wide

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The only permanent certified composite pipeline repair process worldwide!

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