Ordering process and application

please fill in attached questionnaire download ( pcw-questionnaire)
for each defect separately and send it to office@pipeandlines.at

  • 2. Entsprechend ihrer Daten wird die Bandage von uns berechnet

  • 3. after final technical clarification you will receive our offer

  • 4. in case of ordering our pcw, following preconditions for application are necessary:

    • Removal of existing isolation (required length depending on defect size)

    • sandblasting SA 3 (according DIN ISO EN 12944-4), or powertool grinding St3.

    We will assist you in clarifying all details before application.

  • 5. During application works a field protocol, wherein all documentation parameters have to be filled in, will be set up and has finally to be signed by both parties.


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