the only „durable certified“ composite pipeline repair world-wide!

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Manufacturing of cost effective, high quality rehabilitation systems, keeping even your industrial plant in safe condition for the environment and following generations, is our main goal. Development of our products is executed in close cooperation with Austrian specialists, who ensures the excellent quality of our finished products.

Since years a team of natural scientists and industrial experts is working within pipe & lines service gmbh to develop innovative solutions for the industry..

Steel pipelines are world wide predominantly in use for safe transport of mainly flammable liquids or gases. Improving pigging technologies and increasing age of pipelines cause a raising quantity of ageing or manufacturing related defects to be repaired for limiting danger to human or environment.

Whereupon we suceeded in developing the worldwide unique composite pipeline repair, certified for > 100 years lifetime.

pipe & lines service GmbH
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The only permanent certified composite pipeline repair process worldwide!

Developed and sales in Austria.

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from Austria.
Packer Straße 171
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